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    We are a professionally managed multimedia conglomerate with international tie - ups to provide state of the art solutions for all your media requirements. we are experts in multimedia, web designing, Animation, media services, gaming, and everything connected to visual communication. we provide the best of service with a smile ...

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About Us

Titans Media is an enterprising entertainment company based at Chennai, India, involved in the creation of Animation, Media services, Designs and gaming all under one roof with the best of production artists working towards delivering quality output. Titan Media Chennai is also collaborating internationally with major Intellectual Properties (IP's) such as Chinku Pinku, Lulu & Friends, 4 monster projects.

Titans Media is in association with Titan Productions, Malaysia,& I Make Solutions, USA, International production houses to offer their services for the productions of 2D & 3D animations for Television, Feature Films, Home Video, Online Games, visual effects, mobile and console games, etc.

Titians Media resources are equipped with high-end computers, Wacom tablets & other latest in the technical knowhow and advanced up-to-date equipment’s for its production activities. The infrastructure is on par with the international standards maintained by the global Animation & VFX industry.

Animation Services

Our experienced professional artists in this division have a decade of working on international and local projects of all genre. We can proudly say that our outputs match international standards.


Pre - Production

Every story starts with an idea, we begins with Concept Development, Character design, Story Board, Background, Voice recording, Animates,Sound EFX.


2D – Animation

Animation is bringing life to lines and our trained and experienced artists are highly skilled in Traditional Animation, Flash animation and compositing.


3D – Animation

Keeping in touch with the latest trends, we offer 3 dimensional Modeling, Texturing, UV mapping, Facial, Lighting, Rending for film and serial animations.


3D-AP& Walk Throug

Our services include clients from other industriesto cater to their requirements, we develop and deliver Architectural Planning & Walk through.


Clay Animation

We have specialists modeler’s to create miniature sets, Clay character for stop motion films, for Tele-serials, short film & ADVs



The present generation is hooked to gaming & keeping in touch with present-day requirements. our artists can visualize 2D /3D online , Social sites , Mobile game, Console games to the specifications.

Intellectual Properties (IP's)

As part of our creative endeavors, We are producing four exciting TV series for children in the age group 3-6 & 6-9 years. chinku & pinku, 4 monster, Lulu & freinds and Mega war. For broadcast and business enquiry please contact info@titansmedia.com


Minutes : 22 Min Episode: 26

Age group 3 - 6 2D Animation - HD Comedy


Minutes : 22 Min Episode: 26

Age group 3 - 6 2D Animation - HD Comedy


Minutes : 22 Min Episode: 26

Age group 6 - 9 2D Animation - HD Adventure


Minutes : 22 Min Episode: 26

Age group 6 - 9 2D Animation - HD Adventure

Media Services

In the world of communication through visuals and print, we also specialize in providing our ideas and concepts for various media’s. We are a one stops shop catering to our clients media requirements.

Know-how includes:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Voice Over - World languages ( For Animation production )
  • Music Audio & Video Production
  • Worldwide Distribution ( For Animation production )
  • Co-Production 2D & 3D animation
Design Services


Titan’s media has created many leading corporates and companies’ websites with special emphasis on matching the client requirements. We take it upon ourselves to do R & D for each and every project. We are adept at Content writing, Coding, designing and hosting services.



Every industry succeeds on the brand established in the market and in the buyers mind. At Titan Media our expertise also lends a hand in developing prominent Logo, Business Card, Letter Head, Flyers Folder, Flyers Posters, Compliments Slips, Brochures and Business Stationary Packages.



To make communication simple and effective for corporates and business offices, we provide Corporate Presentation in 2D /3D format.

Contact Us


N Block Door No,426, 17th street, Annanagar East, Chennai-600 102,Tamil nadu


044 4212 4795

+91 9444841223